As the largest provider of third-party gaming rewards cards in the United States and Canada, Players Rewards Card goal is to provide convenient online access to the brands consumers love. As a premium rewards Web site, the Players Rewards Card offers the best retail branded cards delivered via email or traditional mail. Offered in a range of denominations, the cards can only be used online. Read More...


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About US

As the largest provider of third-party gaming rewards cards, Players Rewards Card (PRC) goal is to provide convenient online access to the top gaming brands consumers love. Since its inception in 2012, PRC has extended millions of dollars in bonuses and rewards to card members from all over the world. PRC partners with only select high profile online casinos that are known for credibility and trustworthiness and have a strong reputation of consistently scoring above 85% on customer satisfaction index. The Players Rewards Card is delivered via email or traditional mail. Offered in a range of denominations, the cards can only be used online at the partner gaming sites.


Recipients of the Players Rewards Card:
Never pay any interest rates.
Never pay any fees.


The Players Rewards Card continues to add features and functionality based on our customer’s demand and feedback.


Here is what people are saying about the Players Rewards Card:


“I just want to take a moment to say thank you. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to try your reward card. At first, I thought it was too good to be true and there must be some sort of gimmick to it. Then when I received the email asking if I had received it, I said maybe it is for real. I had given up any online gaming because so many decided not to accept credit cards. It was a wonderful experience not to have to worry about being deposits being declined Your card is highly respected everywhere I used it and I thank you again for such a wonderful experience.”
Linda, Orem, Utah


“I received a Players Rewards Card in the mail a few months ago. It was wonderful to use, all the deposits I made were quick, easy, and without any problems. My transactions are so much easier and worry free.”
Allison, Lake Worth, Florida


“I received a card in my mail to try out and it was very simplistic and hassle free!”
Brian, Canberra, Australia


“Thank You!! Had fun spending the free money!”
Pamela, Toronto, Canada

Frequentely Asked Questions

Q: I just received a “Players Rewards Card,” what is this all about?
  • The Players Rewards Card program awards players at our member casinos free cash bonuses that can be used in ANY member casino. The card itself can be used a “deposit option” at the member casinos. Players can also add funds to their PRC card through the PRC website rather than using their credit cards at member sites.

Q: How do I get a Players Rewards card?
  • Our member casinos select qualified players to receive a PRC card at no charge. You can also request a card, Click here to do so. Please note that only one Players Rewards Card is issued per member.

Q: How does my Players Rewards card work?
  • The Players Rewards card is a "Reloadable pre-paid" card, meaning the initial value is set either by the person who purchased the card or the by the players’ casino. Additional funds can be added later by either the player or the casino.
  • Once you activate the card, login to the partner casino of your choice, go to the cashier and select Players Rewards Card as a payment option. Then make a deposit using the funds pre-loaded on your PRC card.
  • Each time you make a purchase or deposit, that amount is automatically deducted from the card balance. It is best to personally keep track of your balance, as most partner casino will not be able to tell you. You can login to the PRC website to view your balance. The card does not offer a line of credit like a credit card.

Q: What is the difference between Real Money and Rewards Money?

PRC Real Money:
  • • This is the money that you load/reload on your PRC card using your credit card.
  • • Once Real Money is loaded on to your PRC card, it can be used to play at all our partner casinos.
  • • PRC Real Money can be used with a deposit match or any other offer.
  • • All winnings using PRC Real Money, and without using any deposit match or other bonus coupons, can be cashed out without restriction.
  • • If you deposit with your PRC card and use a bonus coupon code, withdrawal conditions may apply. Please refer to the specific terms and conditions for the utilized coupon for full details.

PRC Rewards Money:
  • • The Rewards Money is extended to you to get the feel of our partner casino and online games.
  • • Rewards Money can be used at all our partner casinos.
  • • Rewards Money allows you to play (and win) for free, with limited restrictions.
  • • Rewards Money cannot be used with deposit bonus or any other bonus.
  • • Conditional Cash out: Once the associated wagering requirements are fulfilled you are entitled to cash out up to two times any PRC Bonus Rewards Money deposit. These winnings will be paid as PRC Real Money.

Q: How do I learn about the balance on my Players Rewards card?
  • The initial value of your card should be included in the materials that came with your card. It is important to know the remaining balance before making a purchase, as making a purchase for a greater amount greater than your balance could result in a denied transaction. You can login on the PRC site to view your balance.
  • When making a purchase, record the amount and make a note of your new balance.

Q: What should I do if my Players Rewards card is declined?
  • Verify if there are sufficient funds on the card prior to making a purchase. You can login on the PRC site to check your balance.
  • If your purchase is declined and you believe the card has sufficient funds, please contact us at 1-844-632-0966 or send an email at

Q: How long can I use my Players Rewards card?
  • You can make deposits using your Players Rewards card until you surpass the card’s expiration date or you have used the full value of the card.

Q: Where can I use my Players Rewards card?
  • You can use your card at 20 partner casinos as listed here. We continue to find and add new partners from time to time.

Q: Can I use my Players Rewards card at more than one casino?
  • Yes, you can.

Q: What if my Players Rewards card is lost or stolen?
  • If you have lost the Players Rewards card and the value still remains on the card, please contact us via phone at 1.844.632.0966 or email at and we will reissue the card.


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